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Competition Time!

  Baby Wearing is the most wonderful way to bond with your child. Holding your baby close to your heart, feeling the comfort of your body close to theirs, makes for a happy and secure baby.  In celebration of International Baby wearing week, we are running a competition that gives you one of our Pod […]


Why we use Hemp Fabric

We make our beautiful Pod backpack carriers out of a range of colorful, vibrant hemp and organic cotton blend fabrics. Hemp is a unique fabric and offers so many benefits for the planet. Hemp is good for the environment as it reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, water, energy and land when compared with other fibers.  As […]


The Benefits of Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care is when a mother places her diaper clad premature baby in an upright position on her bare chest – tummy to tummy, skin to skin in between the breasts.  The baby’s head is turned so that the ear is above the parent’s heart.   Most studies have proven that Kangaroo Care has a major, […]

baby wraps

Baby Wrap Safety Tips

We have created a picture for you with important baby wrap safety tips to remember when you are carrying your baby in a Pod Baby Wrap. There are 5 important tips: Your wrap should be tight Your baby should be in view at all times Your baby’s head should be close enough to kiss Your […]

benefits of using a baby wrap

The Benefits of using a Baby Wrap

A baby wrap is one of the few baby carriers that can be used from birth.  It gently holds the baby in an upright position which allows for safe breathing and supports the back and neck of little ones. This is also perfect style of carrier for reflux babies.   Adoptive parents find that baby wearing really […]