We deliver nationwide to your front door. Made in South Africa with love.

The Pod wrap baby carriers are the ideal and perfect way to carry your newborn baby. This baby carrier holds your baby right up close to heart,mimics the womb and so is ideal for little ones. It like being held in a cocoon, all warm, safe and cosy hearing the sound of your mothers heart.

Our wraps are made out of carefully selected 100% cotton fabrics giving you just enough stretch but not too much! Making for a sublimely comfortable baby carrier.

Babies who are carried in the wrap carriers often sleep better, helps baby bond with mommy and daddy and is ideal for Kangaroo Mother Care.

The Pod wrap baby carrier grows with your baby and fits just about any adult!  Offering ergonomic support for you and baby, with the wide fabric stretched over your shoulders and the x over your back as well as hip support. You will feel comfortable, baby will feel secure, sleep better and cry less! And you will have the added bonus of having your hands free!