Baby Wearing is the most wonderful way to bond with your child. Holding your baby close to your heart, feeling the comfort of your body close to theirs, makes for a happy and secure baby. ย In celebration of International Baby wearing week, we are running a competition that gives you one of our Pod Backpack Carriers and our new newborn insert.

To enter our competition, comment below and tell us what baby wearing means to you. Like our facebook page and share with your friends. www.facebook.com/podbabycarriers

64 thoughts on “Competition Time!

  1. Lauren Chowles says:

    I’m currently pregnant with my first…a set of identical girls ๐Ÿ™‚ so babywearing will be something new. I can’t wait! For me it means bonding with my babies, a bit more skin to skin for preemies is always good. It also means a free pair of hands which will be needed to juggle two babies!! And of course daddy will have lots of fun with such a backpack style baby carrier ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Samantha Lilleike says:

    I love babywearing as it keeps me sane when surrounded by a tiny mad army that I created! 3 kids, 3 dogs and 1 mom means I am often overwhelmed and at least wth babywearing I know where my youngest is and have my hands free to deal with the older two ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Heather Yelland says:

    I loved wearing my first born, but with my second it is just ESSENTIAL. Keeps them close and safe while I am hands free. And I just love the cuddles!

  4. Taron Nolte says:

    Babywearing makes life with a 3yo & 1yo so much easier. I’m not sure I’d survive without it. My 1yo is worn by me on a daily basis. She is such a friendly & outgoing baby & I’m sure it’s because she feels so secure due to being kept so close to her Mamma. I love having my hands free to be able to deal with both my children at the same time. Babywearing means that my lg can take a nap anywhere, anytime & I can still eat, play a game of frisbee, shop, help my eldest swing/climb/etc. It also keeps my baby safe while we’re out & about, which helps me to feel more relaxed. What a blessing it is!

  5. Bridget says:

    Baby wearing saved my sanity. As a first time mom I felt stuck on the couch with my newborn. I was gifted a wrap which changed my life overnight. Now my baby is 5 months old and loves being outside in nature. I cannot wait to get a new carrier to take him on some beautiful walks

  6. Linda Lowies says:

    Babywearing is helping me to fight awful postnatal depression! Allowing me to bond with my baby, be productive around the house and go for walks – good old endorphins and vitamin D!

    Your carriers are beautiful and I would be so proud to wear it! ?

  7. Eileen says:

    Babywearing means i get my arms free to do what i need to,but at the same time having baby close to me,makes baba and myself happy!

  8. Lee-Ann says:

    Babywearing = happy baby, happy mommy.
    I have a very active 3 year old and being able to carry my 6 month old AND be hands free is a lifesaver!
    It also means having my boy close to me. Holding him a little longer. Being able to comfort him and simulate the familiarity and safety of the womb.

  9. Rosalind says:

    I have only had the chance to rent from a baby wearing library, but it was two weeks of such ease. I couldn’t believe just what I was missing out on. The chance to have my lg close to me, being able to put her to sleep while working, show her things while shopping, and just alround enjoy her close. It means a lot to me to have her close to me as it gives me a sense of not missing out on her as she grows so quickly.

  10. Amanda says:

    Baby wearing my two high needs babies has been my lifesaver! My son had horrible colic and would only settle when I was carrying him.MY daughter now 6 months has had silent reflux from about 3 weeks and also only happy and settled when carried. We live in Zambia now and baby wearing is the norm with the local people but I struggle with the hard chitengi fabric they use and so would be absolutely over the moon to have a pod baby carrier! It has been beyond hard having a reflux baby but baby wearing her has been the only way I have survived it for sure! We also travel back and forth to SA a lot and I have found the long wraps very difficult to use for travelling and the pram always incredibly cumbersome.I would love to travel with something easy and lightweight like the pod baby carrier. Skin to skin and close to our hearts is where our children thrive,baby wearing has given me time with my babies and helped establish a bond that is often rushed and sidelined in our busy lives. My kidlets come with me everywhere as we don’t have family in zambia and so wearing them has been the greatest blessing and it’s so nice to get looks of support from other Zambian ladies in the shops as baby wearing is so part of their culture.I would honestly reccomend to any mom that she invests in a baby carrier rather than a fancy pram..if I could do over I would ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jessica says:

    Baby wearing means I can have my little one close and cuddle, while still being able to be busy with what I need to get done.

  12. Janneke says:

    We are currently on our honeymoon. Our 9-week-old little prince is with us. Yesterday we went for a little walk and I wore him in a babywearing shirt. Since this specific type is a precursor to baby carriers, I now know what babywearing is all about. So amazing to have your little one snug and secure chest-to-chest. It benefits both mother and baby through the sense of calmness, safety and security it creates. However, on our walk, I felt that he wasn’t protected enough in this specific shirt. I was worried about the shrubs and me having to go up and down rocks. We had to cut our walk short and I told my husband we need to get a proper carrier. One that supports baby and one that he can wear too. This would be perfect for us.

  13. Kelly jennings says:

    I would love to win this as baby /toddler wearing is alot safer esp in this country and when my child is upset or in a strange place she can be right with me and feel safe. Baby wearing is a bond it’s comfort and it’s protection

  14. Yolanda says:

    I have not yet started this journey but look forward to giving it a try once my little one arrives in January ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Sherayne says:

    Babywearing has been life changing for me. I spend so much time away from my son so when we are together its a blessing to have him close. Its the world to me.

  16. Leanne Crossman says:

    Baby wearing is bonding with your child while being able to still be active and hands free. It does not take away from attention you give your child. I am new to babywearing but am at least glad I have discovered it. I have 3 year old twins and another on the way. This will definitely be a help with doing activities with my twins but also be near our new baby when he/she arrives. And also when they just want to be close to you and want comfort. It’s a happy place.

  17. Chantel says:

    Babywearing is such an important thing for the whole family, it makes me a better mom to both my boys. It keeps my baby close to me and gives me the opportunity to participate in my older sons activities too without having to choose between my children. Having a baby that was colic, reflux and a poor sleeper I would have gone mad if it wasn’t for Babywearing. My husband has even jumped on the bandwagon and now also wants to wear our little boy as well?

  18. Bronwen Beytell says:

    Baby wearing is honestly such a life saver!! I have always had a Nonoo Pie but as she got older she got too heavy for a strechy wrap so now I need something new for she does not like to be in the trolly or pram she just wants to be with mommy… And as you can imagine a 12kg 2 year old can honestly get really heavy… Baby wearing also gives you exra time to love and bond with your baby and feel close to her. #babywearing #Podbabycarriers #babylove #babycarriers #motherhood #consciousparenting

  19. Nadiya Essack says:

    I am so happy to have discovered baby wearing. Having two boys aged six and five plus a four month old little girl, baby wearing has helped keep me sane. We are currently using a wrap but a Pod Baby Carrier would be a welcome treat ๐Ÿ™‚ My little girl is my last baby and baby wearing has helped me spend so much time being extra close to her.

  20. Hรฉdri says:

    I love wearing my daughter and would love to get my godchild a comfy carrier for Christmas! She’s currently teething and has reflux so would definitely open a new world for them….

  21. Megan Smith says:

    Its so comfortable for mommy and baby, love having my baby close to me especially when baby hits a growth spurt or is sick then i can give him the extra comfort an reasurance he needs . Plus I can still do what I need to do ?

  22. Kerri Goodall says:

    Baby wearing just makes life so much easier for mommy! I get to get on with everyday things while bonding with my 5 week old little boy, holding him close to my heart- what a pleasure! It makes me feel so happy that I can comfort him by just holding him close. A content baby makes for a happy mommy!

  23. Kelli says:

    I would absolutely go crazy if I won this! I am expecting a little boy in January, and know that your carrier would help me be able to bond with my newborn from the start, while still being able to interact and be there for my 2 year old. Babywearing is all about bonding, being close to baby and breathing in baby snuggles ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Christal Weber says:

    Feeling my baby breath, smelling his sweet newborn skin and kissing his soft head, this is what baby wearing means to me. Safety. Love. Comfort. Simply bliss.

  25. Luanne says:

    Besides the convenience and being hands free, baby wearing is precious moments of soaking in my beautiful boy. Smelling his sweet, beautiful baby smell. Kissing his soft little forehead. Having him look up at me and melting at his little, dimpled smile. I absolutely love having my precious little person close to my heart.

  26. Anoushka Nell says:

    Babywearing is important for us because it keeps us as parents and our babies close. I think this is the only way to parent when you have more than one child… you can still cuddle your newborn and play with your toddler with both hands- all parties happy, how cool is that!! Babywearing also improved my breastfeeding journey, being able to feed my baby whilst being busy with some other stuff that needs to be done, I do not feel restricted at all. It is discreet for breastfeeding, and does not cause lower back pain like sitting down on the bed/ couch and cradling baby to feed, and it assists to keep baby upright if they have reflux. I love babywearing!!!!!!! Just wish I had an awsome ergonomic carrier like POD to make this journey even more special.

  27. Rashiedah says:

    I have a preemie baby so skin to skin carrying is key for his development. Baby carrying not only increases bond between baby and carrier, it also allows carrier some mobility and enables carrier to get on with their day. Its a WIN WIN for baby and carrier.

    This is what it means to me. To bond with the baby but still allow me to be a mom and wife to the rest of my family.

  28. Robynne says:

    Baby wearing means happiness for mom and bubs to me. My wakeful newborn only seems to settle for sleeps properly when being held close to me and I can actually have the time to do some stuff around the house or run some errands. Life doesn’t stop when you bring a baby into the world, it just makes you explore alternative means to do things.

  29. Ruth Erasmus says:

    Babywearing = sleepy dust for my little sprog. Without babywearing I would have lost my sanity at about 2 weeks old! Sprog can happily nurse to sleep anywhere whilst being worn and no one is any the wiser ; )

  30. Elize Swanepoel says:

    Being able to wear my baby close to my heart would mean the world to me. I’ll be going back to work next month and I’m already dreading this. Everytime we go somewhere I have to take the pram or carseat which is not always convenient. Being able to carry my little JD close to my heart while shopping or going for a walk would be such a blessing. I am treasuring every single moment with my little boy because he is my everything. I wish I could afford a baby carrier, because I would buy one in a heartbeat. I love that you can wear it up to 20kg. That is amazing!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Lora Moss says:

    Babywearing allows me to keep my precious bundle close to me. It helps her to be calm and sleep, it allows me to be able to do things around the house and most importantly we spend precious time close together. Taking a walk or going to the shops is also a breeze when you can pop them in a carrier or sling. And they get to feel safe and secure at all times. I would be so lost wothout baby wearing!!! I would love to win this so that we can continue to spend time close together for many years to come! Time goes so quickly and we need to cherish every moment โ˜บ๏ธ.

  32. Christel says:

    Baby wearing means hands free cuddle time all the time! Calmer baby = more effective mom! Real lifesaver! I just absolutely love everything about baby wearing โค๏ธ

  33. Ruzaan says:

    Being able to wear my baby means the world to me. I don’t have to feel guilty doing things I need to do because baby wearing allows you to have baby on you so they still feel secure and don’t need to be put down in order to do these things. It’s convenient, it’s comfortable and who wouldn’t want their baby snuggled to them? ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  34. Tharien marx says:

    Babywearing means having a happy baby close to me and my hands free to do what has to be done. I also love the sleepy dust that comes with baby wearing!

  35. Helena Weideman says:

    Tummy to tummy, heart to heart. Soft breath on my chest. We breathe as one. I carried you since conception. I carry you still. I wear your little body, you wear my heart. Our bond carries on.

  36. Talia Harris says:

    Baby wearing is important to me because it is still the one consistent thing that helps to calm my toddler down and keeps her and myself happy. It’s the only way I survived the first few months of motherhood with my silent – reflux baby before we discovered her allergy to dairy. She would be miserable if I put her down, so the only way I could possibly function, was with her in my wrap. Now that she’s almost 3yrs old, baby wearing continues to be my best friend when I need to help if those little legs just won’t carry her any further, to make her feel safe and secure when in unfamiliar places and sprinkle magic sleepy dust when nap time becomes a fight ?.

  37. Chantell says:

    POD Baby Wearing means to me:
    P – Piece of mind of always having my baby literally under my eyes and close to my heart;
    O โ€“ Occasionally freeing moms hands so I can do something, even when baby needs to be held!;
    D โ€“ Daily chores made easier!

  38. Joelle says:

    Baby wearing makes being a mum of 4 bearable. I love that my new born can still be close to me while I can still see to the others. Kt keeps her safe in the shops.

  39. Mari says:

    Im a very โ€˜busy beeโ€™ momma! I love all things creative, I love to paint, craft, scrapbook you name it, I also teach art.
    I have a baby boy who does not fall asleep easily and does not want sleep on his own.
    Baby wearing is thus a win win situation for us, baby gets to sleep while momma is on the go.
    I also love the closeness of baby wearing after all, this time period with him is precious and special and I want to soak up every moment.

  40. Andrea says:

    Baby wearing is my lifesaver! I am able to keep my 7 month old whom is extremely sensitive to her surroundings close and secured, reassuring her that shes safe. My hands are also free to complete other tasks.

  41. Khadija Fakir says:

    To me baby wearing is giving my child love and comfort. Its re- assurance. I would love to “wear my baby” close to my heart. It also means less stress because I will be hands free and will be able to multitask as well as see to my demanding 2 year old. Baby wearing means a Happy & Healthy baby & a happy & healthy mum.

  42. Anne says:

    Baby wearing not only keeps me sane when I need free hands but allows that extra close comfort and cuddle time even when life is chaotic around me ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Victoria says:

    Baby wearing means beautiful bonding time with mom and/dad and baby. I’m 4 months pregnant and have been looking into the benefits of baby wearing and it is such a valuable time to treasure. Can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Bahia Lagardien says:

    Babywearing to me means that for just a little bit longer, I am able to keep my babies close to me…heart to heart…and often skin to skin…The best feeling in the world having them so physically close…โค

  45. Veronica says:

    Babywearing means not putting my life on hold due to having a baby. It means my baby can be apart of the life we have created. Keeping him close especially when life seems hard for him. Babywearing has created a bond like no other

  46. Roxanne says:

    Baby wearing means happy kids to me, and if they’re happy, I’m happy. A sick child that needs to be near, or a child that’s going through a developmental leap and needs extra cuddles; can be soothed by being worn. And a plus is that Mom can get things done having free hands!

  47. Michelle says:

    Baby wearing means I get to get things done. I get to go out on my own comfortably with all 3 of my children knowing that baby can nap happily and comfortably on me and I can still be free to run around after my older 2! Not to mention that when my toddler gets overwhelmed I can put her in the carrier if need be! I love having my kids close to me. I love the security and comfort it brings them. Babywearing rocks! And doing it in style is even more awesome!

  48. Shakirah Allie says:

    Baby-wearing allows me to keep my baby close to me, comfort and bond with him, while still being able to take care of myself and my family. It means making life so much easier and enjoyable for all!

  49. Zeenat Sulaiman says:

    I’ve been wearing my baby since birth, she is 8 months old now and it wouldn’t have it any other way. If she gets fussy while we are out uts the best way to calm her down

  50. Janรฉ Fourie says:

    Babywearing means closeness. It means intimacy and a bond that grows from continual physical touch. It’s the feeling of two hearts beating side by side; like hearts holding hands. It’s a full-time hug, it’s wrapping in love, it’s an invitation to a little human to join in the big, beautiful world. It’s a way to marry our natural instinct to keep our little ones close with the demands of modern living. It’s security, it’s beauty, it’s love. And love is all you need <3

  51. Tamryn Schmahl says:

    To me, babywearing is the most natural thing to do. The amazing benefits of bonding with your baby and being able to have your hands free at the same time can’t be rivalled. As a psychology student, I can truly understand how having a secure attachment as a baby and toddler will lead to a wonderfully independent and confident adult. Nevermind being able to feed whenever, wherever and discreetly! It’s such a win-win for both mom and squish ??

  52. Jessica says:

    Baby Wearing means I get to keep baby close to me all the time, creating a secure and happy child. It is so important for bonding too! Pod baby carriers are awesome because baby can be worn right from birth all the way through to 20kgs! Every baby deserves to be worn!

  53. Samee'ah says:

    Babywearing is my new found love?….well when a lady is prepared to swop desinger handbags and shoes for babycarriers…lets say we have got some serious babywearing momma here.
    Being a first time mom and having to wait so long for this little mirracle, i was forced to quit my job when my gynae informed us that baby is not growing as he should and my health was not up to scratch too. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it left me with sooo much time that i was forced to start reading. I stumbled upon an article about kangaroo mother care and boom, the rest is history.

    At this point in time i only have a wrap and a sling. I would do anything to own a reputable SSC. My goal is ultimately to build up a stash that i can lend out to friends and family who are serious about babywearing. I am confident this will transpire once they see the benefits of babywearing as my son grows up.
    The confidence, independance, love that will just shine from within him will be contagious.

    The best part of it is daddy can be part of it all, as the ssc is fully adjustable to accommodate his muscles too?

  54. Karin says:

    To me babywearing means a happy, content, and safe baby and a sane mother who is still able to do things while still bonding with her baby.

  55. Esna Marais says:

    Babywearing to me means that I can keep my ‘arm’ baby close to me where he wants to be and still be able to do things with his 3 yr old brother. It means that we can go for a walk with baby on my back and brother on his bike. It makes nap times possible anywhere and everywhere.

  56. Priscilla says:

    I am a first time Mom. Baby wearing has meant everything to me. There has been nothing more calming and fulfilling holding my precious miracle close to me as often as possible knowing i can immediately attend to every cue and need. I cried so much when bubs was born thinking how traumatic and overwhelming it must be for that little soul to leave a warm and safe womb and arrive into this crazy, loud and busy world. Baby wearing has made that womb to world transition totally amazing and smooth for us both and made all of the difference in our bond and getting to know each ther. It has allowed baby to grow and explore close to my heart and has allowed her to stay warm, safe, loved, nurtured….the list is endless. She is such a happy and content baby. I honestly believe that this is because baby wearing has built her trust in us as parents, because by wearing her we have ‘been there’ for her and helped her feel safe and secure. Baby is now 16 weeks old and getting a bit big for the wrap so we would love to invest in a buckle carrier. I am so incredibly greatful for wonderful and beautiful products that allow us to enjoy these very precious moments with our little ones. They are small for such a short time and we need to cherish every minute we have with them….and what is a better way than wearing your bubs!

  57. Waseema Jacobs says:

    I wish I had pursued baby wearing with my first child. Babywearing has been an absolute lifesaver with my second child. You are able to bond while getting things done and you never have to feel that you are neglecting your child. Baby wearing is such a beautiful experience.

  58. Janneke says:

    Where can I possibly start.

    At first I hated baby wearing. I was a mommy to a reflux baby who screamed her little head off till this mommy was an emotional wreck( I only had an non ergonomical carrier). She hated it.

    The with my son the urge came up again. I bought a sling and he adored it. But still I was not a babywearing mommy as it is far more that just wearing your baby.

    With nr3 I took my trusty old sling and carried her out of hospital.
    But still I wanted more.
    And in searching I found so much more.
    I am now a devoted babywearer and baby wearing is a passion.

    Baby wearing means to me that I can hold my baby close and save. That see feels comforted and close to her saveplace.
    BABYWEARING has became in me a passion to educated mommies to wear their babies the right way and to make babywearing not just a carrying my baby but a deep set passion for a way of life.
    I loooove babywearing and this carrier would help veryuch in my educating journey.

  59. Lynne Morland says:

    Baby wearing is great to keep my little boy close because he love being close to mama and my hands are free to do daily duties. We would love this!!!

  60. Ashley Rose-Innes says:

    Babywearing means that I can bond with my foster babies. This helps them tremendously when they have to transition to thier forever family. We love babywearing!!

  61. Lara says:

    Baby carrying means holding my little one for a little longer close and safe to my heart! They are only little for so long so why not while you still can. My baby won’t go in a pram he will only be in a carrier, it also calms him down and puts him to sleep which proves to me that’s that’s where he feels safest! For that reason baby wearing means everything to me! Would love to experience a pod carrier to continue our journey together

  62. Deveda Bloem says:

    I love baby wearing my 6 week old Grace Amelia, having her close to mommy’s chest relaxes her, helps with her colic and reflux but most importantly makes her feel safe and loved during the 4th trimester. Mommy’s hands are free to have a cup of tea, do some housework or take doggy Pepper Potts for a walk.
    We currently using the wrap but will soon need an upgrade.
    โค๏ธhope to win

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