Written by Sasha Wainwright – The Director and visionary behind this extraordinary brand.
Our story begins at the beginning, a single mother with two small children who grew up in sea side town in South Africa. We were loved and happy. Our mum sewed to make a living and look after us. We were not wealthy but very close and I remember the warm embrace of my mama and reading bed time stories at night. The love we share for each other runs deep and today we reach for a dream for our family.
Our motivation is to create a business that changes the legacy of our family, bringing wealth and success while uplifting those around us.
​My passion is for children, as an early childhood teacher and as some would describe me, “a child whisperer.” My lifes work thus far has been for the little people. I joined forces with my mother 10 years ago to create and build the Pod Baby brand. We manufacture the most exquisite baby carriers and related products that hold babies close and emulate the love I felt as a child from my mother.
​Our team is an all woman team made up of mothers and grandmothers and with every stitch we make we do it with love and a great passion for our dream and of course to imbue the love of a mother for its child.
We hope that with every product sold we are helping to inspire love and kindness in the world.
My beautiful mom with more than 35 years of experience heads our manufacturing and design team. She is the brain that has single handily designed and conceptualized every single product we sell. Her Virgo tendencies mean that every product is made with precision and of the utmost perfection and attention to detail.
“​​Our goal is to have babies held close to their loved ones, developing strong bonds and a deep sense of trust in the world around them. What better gift to give a child then the gift of nurturing and love? Research has shown that babies held skin to skin feel more secure, sleep better, cry less, gain weight faster to name just few benefits.
Changing the world, one baby step at a time…”

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