As an entrepreneur and the Director of Pod Baby Carriers allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sasha Wainwright and I started this business 7 years ago and my vision was create baby carriers that were comfortable, practical and beautiful.

It is now many years down the line and I have been thinking it is long overdue for me to share with you who I am. What goes on behind the scenes of this South African Brand. My thoughts and feelings and years of experience working within the child sector.

As a woman entrepreneur in South Africa and indeed around the world it can be a tricky business! To fill you in on my background. When I finished school almost 20 years ago now. Shew, where does the time go? I started with the odd baby sitting job (like most girls fresh out of school), and soon realised that I had a natural ability with children. I then travelled and worked as an au pair for many years, all the while always looking for that perfect business idea. Making jewellery, starting an pair agency, etc… Lots of learning, trial and error but always that nagging feeling that I can do something that is meaningful with my life and within my work.

I then embarked on 3 years of study and did a diploma in early childhood development and while I was doing that I started Pod Baby Carriers, making wraps at home on my domestic over locker and selling them at markets. I fell in love with Pod and what baby wearing gives to new mummies and their little babies.

I remember doodling a logo and suddenly it clicked, a heart that represented a mother and child in a warm embrace. The feeling of the love and nurturing we all so need. The amazing gift this is for a child, to simply be held, supported and loved. And so Pod was born.

The funny thing is I am now in partnership with my mother and so the whole ethos and message we carry is the bond between mother and child. This is reflected by our working by our working environment.

Being an entrepreneur has its challenges abut is also a wonderful journey of discovery. Over the past 7 years I have learnt so much, mostly through trail and error.

So as I reflect back on 2017 and indeed the years prior to that, I thought I would share with you some of the gems and secrets to our business success.

Here are some of the things I have learnt along the way: 

Be consistent

Never give up

Put full proof systems in place!

Keep being creative

Find a bookkeeper, from day one. Even before you start making money 🙂

Chose to do the things you love to do and delegate the other stuff.

Businesses don’t grow if you do everything yourself. 

Focus your energy on the stuff you are good at.

Keep learning

Be kind and nurture strong relationships with those you work with.

Ask for advice, network and stay positive

Don’t mind the “competition”, do it your way and do it well. 

Make sure to have fun.

Understand your finances

Put a good marketing strategy in place.

And act in your highest integrity…

My new years resolution: To write more and share my insights with you on business, children and of course babywearing!

Tell us what yours are? And if you are a business woman share your tips with us and our readers. If we all help each other what a wonderful world it would be.

We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year 

With love 

Team Pod and myself Sasha

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One thought on “Reflections of an entrepreneur

  1. Hanri Heath says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m in the process of starting my own business and sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. Especially thinking about your competitors, finances and whether your idea is going to work or not. It’s really good to hear from entrepreneurs, what helped them and what they have learned over the years.

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