To celebrate our tenth year in business it would be fun to track down some of our Pod mommies and see where they are now and how their kids have grown.

So it seems fitting to start with Thorne’s story of motherhood and baby wearing.

Thorne one of our first Pod mommies. She is a dear friend of ours and when we started our business was instrumental in testing and inspiring us to pursue the perfect baby carrier. 
She started her baby wearing journey with us and her first born daughter Nova Rose. We had the privilege of meeting this tiny little person, born with a full head of hair and the cutest little button nose. Her mum took to parenting like a duck to water and started her journey using a wrap carrier.
She some years later gave birth to Ryder, a beautiful little boy and again used our wrap carriers. He was also the first baby to try our soft shell baby carriers and Thorne was a great help in giving us feedback, until we came up with the perfect fit!
Nova today is 9 1/2 years old, a bright spark who is an avid cub member.
Ryder turns 7 years old in a few weeks time and will heading to grade one in 2019.
Thorne continues on her journey of motherhood and we would like to say, well done mama. Your children are gorgeous and you are a great mum!
A word from Thorne…
“I loved carrying my little ones and it made my life so much easier. To have your hands free and still be able to comfort your baby is priceless!”

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