Aqua Sunshine Baby CarrierWe make the most beautiful baby carriers under the Sun and we thought that is may be time for us to do a comparison between our soft shell baby carriers.

Firstly what is a soft shell baby carrier? A soft shell baby carrier is a carrier that has definitive structure but is made out of a soft material making it flexible, soft and but still holds its shape. These carriers are usually ergonomic distributing babies weight evenly. They are adjustable much in the same way as hiking backpack would be.

We have two different soft shell baby carriers in the Pod Baby Carrier range, The Sunshine Baby Carrier and the Deluxe Baby Carrier.

Some brands suggest that you need two baby carriers to see you through from baby to toddler hood. Well we have done away with that notion! Our goal has always been to create baby carriers that will last and that what we do… We know that babies grow super fast and so we have created a baby wearing lifestyle that caters to this. Our carriers grow with your baby.

Both our soft shell baby carriers can be used from start to finish just by accessorising as and when you need. This means that you get an excellent high quality product that will last.

Sunshine Baby Carrier  – The Carrier that grows with your baby.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Use from birth 3.5 kg/ suitable for newborn baby
  • Front and back carry
  • Dual adjustable straps
  • Structured adjustable waist belt
  • Straps can also be worn in an X for weight distribution and comfort.
  • 20 kg weight limit
  • Can use until 2 years old or longer with seat extenders
  • Draw string in the seat of the carrier enabling you to make seat smaller for newborns.

You can accessorise this carrier with a sleepy hood which shades your baby from the sun and lulls them to sleep.

We have designed this baby carrier for the mom who wants something simple, comfy, cost effective and fun. It is ergonomic, comfy and we use unique natural fibre fabric designs. This is the carrier to chose if you are mom on the go, who wants to carry your baby from day one. You can use this carrier for the first 2 years of your child’s life and beyond with the extra seat extender accessory.

Click on link to see how to use the Sunshine Baby Carrier.

Deluxe Baby Carrier – The Carrier with all Bells and Whistles

  • Organic hemp and cotton blend – which is an extremely hard wearing but soft, eco friendly fabric
  •  20 kg weight limit
  • Dual Adjustable straps and you can wear them in a X over your back for better weight distribution.
  • Supportive structured waist belt
  • 4 months – 3 years
  • From birth with a newborn insert
  • Extension zipper which enables the carrier to grow in length as your baby grows.
  • You can accessorise the Deluxe carrier with a newborn insert, which means you can use it from birth.
  • Rolls up into a hip seat
  • Front, Back and Side carry
  • Flip up and down head support, which attaches to the should straps giving excellent head support for your little one.

This carrier comes standard with a sleepy hood, shading baby from the sun and sprinkling sleepy dust.

The Deluxe Baby Carrier is the carrier to chose if you are ecoconscious, want something hard wearing with all the bells and whistles. It has lots of features enabling you to carry your baby from day one to 3 years old. It is simple to use, ergonomic and comfortable. And of course very beautiful to look at. 🙂

Click this link to see how to use the Deluxe baby carrier

So in a nut shell both our baby carriers are awesome! The main differences are the Deluxe can be used for 3 years and is made a fabric that breathable, extremely high quality. It has superior head support with its flip up and down head support and a zipper extension enabling your carrier to grow with your baby.

The Sunshine baby carrier can be used 3.5 kg  to 20 kg and has a drawstring to enable you to carry your new born baby and beyond without the need for extra equipment.

🙂 I hope this helps to make your choice easier.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Baby Carrier vs Deluxe Baby Carrier

  1. Julia Turner says:

    More options to choose from different designs of baby carrier. What’s good with this website is that they provide their specifications of each carrier. Rest assure for parents that they can select the best carrier for their little ones.

  2. Stella Mary says:

    This is a great comparison guide. Thank you for listing the advantages and disadvantages for us. This completely helps to choose the right baby carrier.

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