Kangaroo Care is when a mother places her diaper clad premature baby in an upright position on her bare chest – tummy to tummy, skin to skin in between the breasts.  The baby’s head is turned so that the ear is above the parent’s heart.


Most studies have proven that Kangaroo Care has a major, positive impact on babies and their parents and there are tons of benefits that will help your premature baby grow from strength to strength.


What are the benefits of kangaroo care?

The benefits of kangaroo care to your baby and you include:

  • Stabilization of the baby’s heart rate
  • Improved breathing pattern
  • Improved oxygen saturation levels (an indicator of how well oxygen is being delivered to all the infants organs and tissues)
  • Gain in sleep time
  • Improved bonding, feelings of closeness with your baby
  • More rapid weight gain
  • Decreased crying
  • Increased breast milk supply
  • More successful breastfeeding episodes
  • Earlier hospital discharge
  • Increased confidence in ability to care for your baby


Baby wraps are wonderful for kangaroo care, they help you to increase the time you can hold your baby skin to skin and close to your heart.

One thought on “The Benefits of Kangaroo Care

  1. Jayde Fridjhon says:

    I love wearing my baby close to my heart! I am able to protect my little girl and cuddle her all day ???

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