Water is the main topic of conversation in Cape Town at the moment. People are saving as if their lives depend on it, as am I! For last year we have been saving water and everyday becoming more and more aware. I thought I would share with you some of the things I am doing in my own home to save water.

I bought this very nifty water saving gadget that I put on my bathroom tap. It is like a mini shower head that makes the water flow much less but is more than adequate for washing hands, brushing teeth etc… As the the water crisis is coming to a head we have had to think of more ways to save and so I have been washing my hair over the basin and actually this nifty little gadget has made it really easy to rinse my hair. https://www.sustainable.co.za/water-saving

We have cut our clothes washing back to an absolute minimum, wearing some clothes more than once. All the washing machine water is collected in a dust bin (50 L) and then used to flush the toilet. Flushing toilets and washing seem to be the thing that use the most water of all. Re using this water had made a significant difference in water usage.

Showering for 1 min and catching the water in a bucket, may not be the most satisfying but it enables you to clean all the bits. 🙂 I must admit this has been the most difficult things to achieve.I long for those days when we could enjoy a shower, never mind a bath!

Washing dishes, we are using a wash tub in the sink and then that water gets used in the garden. We have also started using biodegradable paper plates which has reduced our dish washing quite substantially. Trying to save my garden has been tricky. I have planted a succulent and Fynbos garden and have stretched shade cloth over the garden beds, and covered the soil in mulch and bark chips to retain whatever moisture there is.

My thoughts – in this modern era we are so used to things being easily available that we have become complacent and wasteful. It is amazing how much you can save when you simply become aware. This lugging of buckets of water. Washing in buckets reminded me that this how the old people lived and for generations and how some people live every single day. It is a change in mind set that is required to save our natural resources.


This drought is teaching us how to be humble, mindful, aware of our impact on each other and the environment. So as scary as this is, we are being forced into an awareness that I hope will carry on for generations.

We are not separate from each other or the environment, we work as one organism.

Keep saving

Be grateful

Join a water way clean up programme making sure that we clean our waters making them safe for future generations. 

Use Eco friendly cleaning products

Be kind to neighbour

Use less

Oh most of all listen to old people! They really do know it all.

Tell us what you have been doing to save water… Lets help each other and share those tips.

One thought on “Saving Water in Cape Town 2018

  1. Heather says:

    Using these tips to save water we can’t save a lot of water per day, but after a week or a month, this is huge. Thanks for sharing your effective ideas with us. Great blog!

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