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What is Baby Wearing? 

Baby wearing is a term used to describe the act of carrying your baby in a baby carrier.  It allows parents the freedom to get on with the demands of daily life while providing nurturing and beneficial care to their baby.

Research has shown that baby wearing has many benefits for both parent and child.

The sound of the mothers’ heart is soothing for baby and the closeness of carrying mimics the womb experience, creating a very safe and cosy place for baby to be. Baby wearing fosters an intimate connection for parent and child.

It is proven that a mother who carriers her baby skin to skin, releases the hormone oxytocin (the love drug), which helps her to bond with her baby and decreases the occurrence of post natal depression.

Baby wearing has also been proven to create healthy, social, physical and intellectual development in the child. It stimulates brain development and cognitive learning purely by being included in the goings on around baby, without baby being at the centre of it all. It also benefits the digestive system of the child, who is generally a more relaxed baby, which in turn helps with colic, reflux and reduces crying.

Baby wearing creates an environment of security and babies tend to initiate their own natural separation with ease.  Being in close contact with a parent provides a rich learning environment where all of baby’s needs are available to them, touch, love, food and warmth.

Why should you Baby Wear?

Well this is easy! You can give your child all the nurturing and love it needs to grow, while allowing you to have the freedom to do the things that need to be done!

Benefits of Baby Wearing:

Better Sleep – babies sleep more easily, aids digestion and helps to soothe reflux and colic.

It’s convenient – You can have your hands free, taking baby anywhere without lugging loads of things. Easy access to food from the mother who may be breastfeeding

It’s healthy for you and baby – releases the feel good hormone’ oxytocin and aids in the reduction of post natal depression. Decreases the stress hormone making baby and parent feel happy! Promotes physical and cognitive development in baby.

Its great exercise

Communication – baby wearing helps you and baby communicate with each other.

Bonding – great bonding tool for moms, dads, grandparents and care givers

Economical – cheaper than a pram!

Its fun! – cuddles on the move



Babies who are carried sleep better and feel secure fostering a strong sense self later on.

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