We make our beautiful Pod backpack carriers out of a range of colorful, vibrant hemp and organic cotton blend fabrics.

Hemp is a unique fabric and offers so many benefits for the planet. Hemp is good for the environment as it reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, water, energy and land when compared with other fibers.  As a fiber is it strong and durable. It is also has anti–bacterial properties and is breathable which makes it a “healthy’’ fabric to use for our baby carriers.

Hemp fabric provides all the softness of any other natural textile but is 7 times as strong which means that your baby carrier is hard wearing and long lasting but at the same time soft to the touch for delicate babies skin.

We strive to create beauty and wellness both for little people and for the planet


The Benefits of Hemp Fabric

  • Mildew – Hemp’s historical dominance of the shipping industry (sails, rope, rigging) because it was mildew, rot and light-resistant is evidence enough.
  • Elasticity – Historical and modern research indicates that hemp is very elastic
  • Durability, strength and long lasting
  • 7 times stronger than other fabrics
  • Good for the environment
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Anti – Bacterial
  • Using less energy to grow than other fiber’s


Historical Review of Hemp Fabric

The physical advantages of hemp fiber are its length, strength, durability, elasticity, and ability to withstand high temperatures without degeneration.

Hemp rope has long been praised for its ability to withstand rot, mildew, and insects. It is strong and very elastic and keeps its strength and gets softer as it ages. 70%-90% of all rope, twine, and cordage were made from hemp until 1937 for this very reason.

Hemp canvas is resistant to ultraviolet light damage, heat and mildew, and repels insects. The word “canvas” actually derives from the word “cannabis”.

Hemp’s long bast fiber can be spun into threads, yarn for rope, twine, cordage, heavy canvas, or knit, or woven into a variety of fine linen-like quality fabrics.


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