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Charcoal Baby Wrap


5.00 out of 5

Our Pod baby wrap is made from 100% cotton.  Perfect for holding your new little baby close to your heart.

Amazing comfort for both you and your baby.

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1 review for Charcoal Baby Wrap

  1. Marche Fuhri
    5 out of 5


    I loooove my wrap. It is the only way my daughter and now my son sleep all day.. I just put my baby in the wrap and he falls asleep. My baby can sleep for up to 3 and half hours at a time in my wrap.

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The Pod Charcoal Wrap Baby Carrier is comfortable for both mommy and baby, giving you and baby cuddle,ergonomic 3 way back support, hands free and one size fits all.

The Charcoal Wrap Baby Carrier is recommended by us, for any new mom and is a must have baby carrier. Mimicking the womb, with baby held close to your body.  Baby can here the sound of your heart, making it a cosy and safe place to be. Giving you the time to bond with your baby, while still being able to move around hands free to get on with the business of being a mom. It gently holds your baby in an upright position which allows for safe breathing while supporting the back and neck of your baby.

Made from a one way stretch, breathable, 100% cotton fabric.  Our fabrics are carefully selected to ensure that baby is held close and is comfortable. The fabric has a one way stretch which means that it has some give but not so much that baby will sag in the carrier, holding baby snug. We have taken our time and found the perfect fabric to offer you and baby the perfect fit. Because the Charcoal Baby Wrap is a long shaped cloth, this means that your baby wrap carrier will grow with your baby, and fits just about any adult.

For information on the benefits of baby wearing read this article.

Keep your baby soothed and safe with the sound of your beating heart and voice as you travel around.

Baby Wrap Key Features

  • Sublime comfort
  • Breastfeed Hands Free
  • Perfect for Kangaroo Mother Care
  • Perfect for babies who suffer from reflux
  • 100% cotton
  • One way stretch fabric
  • Helps you bond with baby
  • Even weight distribution
  • Lulls baby to sleep
  • Suitable and recommended for newborn babies

Baby Wrap Specifications

  • Even weight distribution
  • 0 – 9.5kgs months
  • One size fits all

See video and pics in How To Use our Pod Baby Wrap

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